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The old STL Documentation is now replaced with an offline version of and can be found here and in the documentation section in each contest.

September 2017: Please note that this is a test version of Contest Management System and it is possible minor problems to occur while you are using it. If you detect such a problem, please inform me to take proper actions. Nevertheless, the new version supports a plenty of new features which can be useful for both users and administrators. Keeping the terms of GNU Affero General Public License under which CMS has been released, here you can find the source code of this version of CMS. Please have in mind that this server is actually a virtual operating system which is running on my own computer, so that it can not be always up.

December 2018: The system has been migrated to a new more powerful server. For now, the old time limits will not be updated as it seems that such a change is not necessary. Although there are new versions of CMS, you may expect that this one will remain in use for a long period because it was proved to be stable and flexible. The system is supposed to be up permanently from now on.

July 2019: Unfortunately, the system has recently experienced a major crash. The entire activity from the first part of this year was irreversibly lost. As a prevention from future technical problems, it is planned backups to be created weekly. All missing problems will be reuploaded on the system very soon. Nothing can be done for the submissions and user tests as well as for a few accounts created during the "black" period.

I hope everyone will find interesting problems to solve!
Dobrin Bashev <>

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